Campaign Creative

We're proud to have an experienced team offering HTML5, animation and video production here at Gravital.

Photography & videography

HDTV, 4K and 5K capability

We have all the photography and videography equipment and talent on staff needed to capture most digital resources needed to create banner and video ads. In addition, we employ 5K 27" Macs and Windows machines, software and creative resources needed to deliver stunning imagery for both display and video.

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Animated HTML5 ads

The latest in lightning-fast coding

Our creative professionals at Gravital are well-versed in the latest technology designed to deliver fast, engaging ads. We're experts at HTML5 and CSS animation. In addition, we're working with the cutting-edge platforms such as Adobe Animate and the Green Socks Animation Platform (GSAP).

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Video ads

Video is King!

Video is the fastest-growing segment of the digital landscape. We're seeing video ad performance outshine every other media in recent years. Achieving the right message requires experience and capability. We deliver with the talent, tools and creativity to bring your business to life online.

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Landing pages

Getting responsive

The Internet is now on every platform, and new browsing devices keep popping up. People's desire to access the Web from anywhere, anytime has made responsive design an absolute must-have for all brands and businesses. We've developed a number of fluid-designed landing pages that make use of the new CSS3 media queries that have changed how we design. Now we can create single pages that respond instantly across platforms, and provide our designers and copywriters the right platform to ensure your message is delivered quickly.

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