We help clients to collect reliable campaign data, and to understand the story behind the numbers.

KPIs & Tracking plans

Keep it simple

We've written extensively on the importance of a few simple KPIs and a solid tracking plan. The secret of the smartest companies is focusing on the customer and using a limited number of metrics to measure their performance. Gravital employs a basic set of KPIs and ensures your tracking and data are of the highest quality so we can measure and optimize every campaign accurately.

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Tag management

Accurate campaign tagging is critical

Because of its importance, we require anyone on staff that's involved in tracking or tagging to be certified at Google Tag Manager. In addition, we work with clients to ensure that accurate records are kept for the tagging of each individual ad. This same philosophy is employed with setting up 3rd-party tracking on all websites and apps.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics 360 Suite

Analytics and data were at the heart of our company when it was started in 2010. We remain true to those roots as experts in analytics with particular focus on Google Analytics. All of our analysts are certified in the platform, and know the standards and pitfalls in collecting, analyzing and reporting data and insights. Furthermore, we're on track to become a preferred vendor for the Google Analytics 360 Suite. This new platform promises to provide more of those 'aha' moments in the future.

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Mixpanel & HEAP

We're platform neutral

Although we have deep roots with Google Analytics, we firmly believe in using the right tool for the job. As such, we also have experience with a number of other analytics platforms. We prefer to use Mixpanel for measuring SaaS sites and applications. In addition, HEAP has also become an important tool, particularly for startups that don't know which events they need to track. It allows us to go back and retroactively look at user behavior on any platform.

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Dashboards & reporting

Analysis & insights

Anyone can install an analytics tool and create reports. What sets us apart is our ability to deliver real insights from the data. We report in detail so that our clients always have a clear picture of what's going on. This includes what is successful and what's not. A campaign without insights can be a waste of money. So we always bring back insights that help define future campaigns and inform the larger marketing strategy.

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