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Gravital's Introduction YouTube Spot

Gravital Digital recently created a cinematic-style introduction video to showcase the launch of the new company. The video was designed with a photorealistic flight through the solar system with flying titles, and features anamorphic lens flares which are currently popular with major film titles such as the new Star Trek.

Fantastic Olympics YouTube Spot

South Sudan, the newest country to be recognized by the IOC, will have their first-ever Olympic team competing this year in Rio. It is a moment of great pride for the entire nation and for South Sudanese athletes like Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan, who now have the opportunity to compete under their nation’s flag for the very first time.

Samsung Mobile celebrates this iconic moment with "The Chant", a powerful story about Margret's hopeful journey towards the Olympic Games, fueled by the love and support of her fans and the help of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Gear IconX.

Combine DSA with Other Tactics to Improve Performance

Dynamic Search Ads connect interested users with your site. These campaigns work with other AdWords features just like keyword-based campaigns. Remember to take advantage of those features to improve the performance of your DSA campaigns.

Exclude Traffic You Don't Want To Fine-Tune Your DSA Campaigns

Dynamic Search Ads reach people as they search for things that are related to your site where you also have a relevant landing page. Searching for something related to your site doesn’t always mean that a potential visitor would have much value to you. That’s why it’s important to exclude traffic from your campaigns that you don’t want captured.

Create DSA Targeting Groups Based on User Behavior

You can use Dynamic Search Ads to reach customers without needing to maintain a keyword list. Your targeting is instead based on your site. There are some straightforward steps to follow to create the best possible targeting groups for your DSA campaigns.

Use Dynamic Search Ads to Reach Customers

Reaching people with relevant ads as they search for your products and services can be a moving target. Their queries evolve, your site changes, inventory shifts, you expand your business to new markets. Dynamic Search Ads can be an important tool to help you succeed when stuff changes.