Meet 2.0

August 8, 2016

For the new website, we went back to our roots for a rebrand. The name Gravital was originally chosen by co-founder Stephen Parker. It's a play on the words gravity and digital, with a nod toward the powers that physics plays in our material world and how forces affect marketing in the digital world. It also harkens back to his days as a boy growing up in the space program. His father was an engineer that worked on the Apollo program. So, we decided to create a space-themed home page using NASA images. Many people haven't seen much of the extensive library, and there is spectacular image after image that lend themselves to a full width home page background.

Each week we will feature a new image from the NASA gallery because of our love for space and shooting for the stars.

The web is always changing, and we felt that the original template designed for Gravital Analytics was showing it's age. We opted to choose a modern, but lesser known CSS framework that's concisely and elegantly coded named Timber. It uses the latest CSS3 media queries as well as subtle animations to nice effect. Each of the major service sections is color themed from our corporate palette, and we include SVG files for our client logo images for crisp reproduction in all modern browsers.

The website also reflects our reinvigorated passion for the digital medium that led to the launch of our digital media company. Typical agencies do lots of things, but we've deliberately chosen to focus all our efforts into four service areas. By doing so, we will not only be better at our craft, but our clients will benefit from our ability to keep up with technology on a narrow range of capabilities. Finally, with the addition of our video editing and animation capabilities, we look forward to creating more helpful VLOGs. Video is fast becoming THE medium in the digital space, and we're positioned to help our clients make the most of it. We look forward to sharing our experiences and a few nuggets of knowledge along the journey.