Programmatic Display

Gravital's programmatic display enables us to serve the right ads, to the right people, at the right time in their customer journey.


Going beyond the data

We always start with first-party data as the core of building an audience profile, but data derived from behavior or demographic data will always be an important aspect of branding and prospecting. Yet the sheer amount of data that comes from 3rd-parties can be daunting. This is where Gravital shines. We work with data collectors to understand their collection and segmentation methodologies and also quickly optimize by performance metrics to find the right audience for your goals.

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Hit prospects while they're hot

Retargeting with your 1st-party data is our core way putting programmatic and your valuable customer intent data into action. Real-time bidding with display ads allows us to engage your most promising customers with personalized ads and messaging. By focusing the investment on audiences that are most likely to convert, we typically see rising ROI and consistently strong performance. Retargeting is the lowest-hanging fruit, but we can also use that data to build larger audiences that will expand your reach.

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Planning & management

From inception to launch in record time

No other firm will get your campaigns up to speed quicker. We have years of experience in digital marketing, and we shine with programmatic display. However, a strong campaign must be built on a foundation. At Gravital, we understand the importance of setting up a strong tracking and tagging plan for sites and mobile apps. If you have Google Analytics, we can link to our buying system to create audiences and targeting. We can also use this data to fine-tune our our buying and ad creative strategies.

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Campaign types & placements

Refining the marketing mix

There are many different types of campaigns you can use to achieve your marketing goals. From brand awareness, prospecting and re-targeting, they all work together or on their own to move your customers along the journey. Gravital are experts at delivering the correct campaign and developing the optimal marketing mix, all the while maintaining the perspective of how they fit into the overall business strategy.

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Good structure for testing

Organized for success

Often, when we start working on a new Display or PPC campaign, we find that it has grown organically over time. Typically there are a lot of accounts, campaigns and ad groups that were created for different strategies by different people. This can lead to inconsistencies, duplication and missed opportunities. We work to provide a clear structure and naming conventions, that are optimized for testing and continued improvements to drive results.

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