Search Engine Marketing

Gravital has the right people, technology and approach to ensure that your paid search activity is at the forefront of digital innovation.

Account Audits

Real insights from certified experts

All our Digital Media advisors are certified by Google AdWords and Bing, and have managed campaigns over a number of years. They provide a complete 15-point review of your campaigns with a detailed report. This ensures that you will gain actual insights on what we recommend to improve your PPC campaigns instead of standard best-practice fluff.

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Planning & management

We strive to be integral to your team

Your point-of-contact is an AdWords and Bing certified professional with a proven track-record backed by a PPC Supervisor with years of experience. Having one point of contact develop, maintain and optimize both your SEM/PPC campaigns allows us to build a synergy with your team. We provide weekly optimization of the performance of ad copy, keywords, negative keywords and many other factors across platforms resulting in better performance and lower costs.

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Bidding & budgeting

Talent and technology win PPC bids

We allocate your budget first towards high-priority, top-performing keywords and maintain maximum impression share. Once we achieve our KPIs, we develop forecasts of potential opportunity and monitor pacing to allocated budgets correctly. To optimize further, we use Google's platform to analyze multiple attribution models and then optimize bidding to the model that works best for your campaign.

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Ad copy optimization

Testing, analyzing and refining

We optimize your ad copy both creatively and with data. Even PPC ads require testing, analyzing, and refining. We test copy strategically, and recommend a minimum of two and a maximum of four ads, depending on your requirements and volume of impressions. Copy testing is as much a science as it is an art, and we know exactly which metrics to watch.

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Landing page optimization

It's about the user experience

Gravital creates engaging and intuitively performing landing pages that perform well across multiple devices. We have a track record for conversions and user engagement, and we'll show you how we achieved this for past clients and how we can do the same with your online presence. What that means for you are happier customers who enjoy their experience, spend more time on your site, and come back for more.

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