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Light. Speed.

Gravital builds lightweight sites with for incredibly fast load times that crush KPIs and deliver delightful & memorable user experiences.

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Modernize your websitefor top performance



gives us the tools needed to push site performance to sub-three-second load times for the highest Google rankings and smoothest content & data loading interfaces possible while hosted on the Edge throughout world.



Give marketers direct access to preview and publish without the need for a developer, and give developers easy access to a wide range of microservices. flexibility makes 'content & services from anywhere' possible.



websites and apps provide a stress-free solution for businesses that rely on high uptime, tight security yet require affordable edge hosting on worldwide CDNs to deliver customers only the latest published content.

Gravital builds modernwebsites and apps.



increase in site traffic


increase in search ranking


fewer bounces

Legacy Stack

Mobile Lighthouse Score: +63/100

Desktop Lighthouse Score: +35/100


Bar Graph with rise from JamStack

Source: Netlify "Quantifying the Value of Modern Web Development" slides (May '22) and presentation "Gatsby for Web Design Agencies" from Gatsby marketing (Nov '21).

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Pan Macmillan Conversions: +25%

Sennheiser Conversions: +137%

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Bar Graph with rise from JamStack

Source: Netlify "Quantifying the Value of Modern Web Development" slides (May '22). Over a 4 week period and 30M sessions, Google & Deloitte analyzed mobile site data and analytics from 37 retail, travel, luxury and lead generation brands across Europe and the US.



increase in conversions


conversions per 100ms for retail sites


conversions per 100ms for travel sites

Perfect for publishers,a dream for developers.


Content from anywhere

Jamstack sites are built for modern content development, decoupling content from the rest of the framework, allowing content and data to be cached and updated at the edge, giving you real-time updates from your CMS. We can pull content from traditional CMSs like WordPress or Drupal or you can choose to migrate to a modern headless solution like Contentful.

Content logos with Jamstack
Services logos with Jamstack


Services from anywhere

If you've been involved with building complex web projects, you understand how hard it can be to choose the right platforms and technologies for the task. Now, with Jamstack, you can have a website with a clear separation of services. The front end and backend are decoupled and we use ARPs to run server-side processes. You can pick what you need when you need it.

Reliable CDN hosting.Pay only when you scale.

Zero Hacks

With server-side processes abstracted into microservice APIs, surface areas for attacks are reduced. You can also leverage the domain expertise of specialist third-party services.

Zero Downtime

When deployment becomes a set of static files served anywhere, scaling is simply serving those files in more places. CDNs are perfect for this, typically with scaling in their plans and zero downtime.



CDN host / mo.


CDN at scale / mo.


of IT budgets just for legacy maintenance for comparison

Legacy Stack


Legacy Stack v. JamStack

Source: Enterprise MACHified report Developed in January 2022, commissioned by the MACH Alliance Executed by M·E·L Research as presented in the Netlify "Quantifying the Value of Modern Web Development" slides (May '22) and special thanks to jamstack.org for the stack comparison image.

Supercharge your siteto deliver results.

Event Sales Platforms

I specialize in producing technical conference event sites. Read my of how a new Jamstack website helped increase conference attendance over 30%!

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Content Platforms

Content platforms benefit greatly from JamStack's ability to source content from almost anywhere making it easy for publishers to edit, publish and unpublish on demand.

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Service Platforms

JamStack is a perfect choice for service companies that need to pull in data from a wide range of service APIs and deliver content to customers quickly, securely and with near 100% uptime.

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Upgrade confidentlyto the modern web.

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Put the power of JamStack to work on your next project.

Realize the potential of your website to deliver fast load times, higher Google rankings, better user experiences, and higher conversion rates that will improve your KPIs.

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Website Design, Build & Management

Upgrade your old website from slow, outdated, and sometimes insecure legacy platforms like WordPress to light and fast Jamstack architecture for improved UX, security and higher conversions.

Event Software, CMS, ESP Integration

Ingegrations are the magic that make websites truly powerful. I speialize in integrating event software, Content Management Systems (CMS) and Email Service Providers.

Analytics Setup & Report Review

Collecting and analyzing website and app data is critically important to making informed digital marketing decisions. I have some great solutions for this and privacy.

Benevolent Senior Services

Working with Gravital Digital is awesome. They were able to take my concepts and build a fast landing page that just works. I'm also pleased that we can update our team members and create blog posts with an easy-to-use editor online quickly and easily!

Dawn Bare of Benevolent Senior Services
Dawn Bare
CEO, Benevolent Senior Services
Preston Studios

PRESTON STUDIOS has been working with Gravital Digital for many years and our website has brought us the business we sought. The way it works and presents our products and services worldwide is instantaneous and attention getting. We couldn't be more pleased.

John Emery of Preston Studios
John Emery
Partner, Preston Studios

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